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I offer Baby Massage, Massage, Movement and More sessions, antenatal classes and breastfeeding support.

Antenatal classes: Janet Balaskas Active Birth Workshop

My Active Birth workshop….

  • is for mothers-to-be and their birth partners
  • prepares the body and mind to activate the mother’s natural birth-giving abilities
  • enables you to understand the unfolding of the natural process of pregnancy and birth
  • empowers you to make informed choices about your labour and birth and to have a positive experience, however the birth journey might unfold
  • is a common-sense, evidence-based approach
  • is taught in the comfort of your own home and can be personalised to your needs

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Massage, Movement and More

Baby massage classes can help empower parents to connect with their baby. These classes involving baby massage, movement and more help new parents feel comfortable about the choices they make in caring for their baby. Classes include talking and sharing time, a chance to get the latest research-based advice, plus plenty of time for baby massage.

New parents quickly discover how important it is to spend time with other parents in the same situation – it makes the changes so much easier to manage!

How can these classes help?

In my baby massage, movement and more classes you can:

  • learn massage strokes that will benefit your baby in many ways
  • ease your baby’s tummy troubles or reflux
  • alleviate any birth trauma for your baby
  • improve your baby’s breathing
  • improve your baby’s flexibility to build up to sitting and standing
  • learn new ways of holding your baby that are comforting for them and comfortable for you
  • get to know your baby and learn to respond to their needs with increasing confidence
  • learn how you can support your baby physically and emotionally
  • try out tummy time which has many benefits for baby
  • talk to other parents about any worries
  • ease postnatal depression
  • learn songs and rhymes which your baby will love
  • relax – a happy and calm parent often makes for a happier and calmer baby!

If any of these connect with you then my classes are for you!

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I also provide classes specifically for:

  • Younger parents
  • Parents with postnatal depression (mothers or fathers)
  • Partners who have not been with the baby all day
    (I can visit you for bath / bedtime as massage is a lovely way to reconnect with your baby)

Breastfeeding support

I also offer 1:1 breastfeeding support in your home. Many mothers give up breastfeeding sooner than they really wanted to.  I will support you to feed your baby in the way you wish, for as long as you wish to. £50 for 1-1.5 hours.

To book a session or for more details please call me on 07419 373 873
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